Rookie Mistakes

For my first bead weaving project, I chose a gorgeous black and white flower … Apparently I did not choose an easy project by ANY means! Come to find out, this was not a project on making flowers,  but a tutorial about making the actual leaves themselves … NOT an easy first project! I  made a few wrong decisions with this project, being a new beadaholic, which experienced beaders would have known right off the bat.
1) I chose a picture tutorial with few words, which had been translated (courtesy of Google translate) from Russian. 
2) I did not read the few sentences that were translated … I know this, now, after going back to the site and reviewing the tutorial, for a few reasons:
     * The title was; Weave “Russian Leaves” (nothing about a flower made of Russian Leaves)
     * There were only pictures of the leaves, and no information about assembling the  piece.
     * The few instructions that were translated, indicated that finishing line would help the leaves hold their shape … I used string and my leaves are quite flimsy …
I think it turned out pretty amazing for a beginners first, given the rookie mistakes I made! 🙂

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