Me Against Fear: Hope Project

Cost of gas: $20

Parking ticket downtown: $52.50

Meeting an amazing and inspirational man who WALKED from Montana: PRICELESS!!

This weekend, I had the pleasure of rescuing a man from the mosquitos and drove him to my mother-in-laws home so he had a place to sleep for the night. I live in California and he WALKED here from MONTANA! Please check out his page and help in any way possible, whether it be a place to stay, donations, supplies, etc … he is walking to Santa Barbara, CA all to bring suicide awareness out of the darkness and into the light!! Absolutely an amazing man working for a cause so many of us have been devastatingly affected by!!

It was such a pleasure to meet Darick! Wishing him success on his journey to Santa Barbara!! Farewell friend!!

Oh, and my picture taking abilities r usually so much better!! Lol


The kids and I with Darick Reed from Me Against Fear: Hope Project

Here is a few more pictures from Sean’s mom:

Me Against Fear: Hope Project

Darick heading to Davis

Darick and Sean's mom

Darick and Sean’s mom

Darick and Nana

Darick and Nana


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