Fired after 3 months

This was written 08/23/13.

It will b 3 months next Thursday since my husband took his own life.

I tried to return after to work as early as a week after my husband died, yet did not make it in most days. Before his memorial took place on what would have been our 10 year wedding anniversary, I could hardly think complete thoughts, let alone go back to work! However, I did feel some closure after

a month, which was much too soon, for me. I was told today, (over the phone), that I would not be able to return to work on Monday due to lack of performance. Last Wednesday, my Dr put me out on a temporary, short term leave … less than 2 weeks … I was scheduled to go back on Monday (Aug 26th) … He put me out, because, yes, I had been missing work. I am not sleeping well, so when I do sleep, I sleep in ALOT, so yes I was late alot. When I was there, I wasn’t getting much done, bc I couldn’t concentrate, so yes, the followup on my accounts suffered … So I had my Dr put me out, just long enuf for the kids to go back to school, and for us to get back SOME sense of normalcy … also, I had been written up 2 days prior to being put out, for my attendance … also, keep in mind that I had been written up less than weeks before Sean’s death … I don’t know for sure yet, but I don’t think that legally they can do this!

Like I don’t have enuf going on!! 2013, by far, has been THE WORST YEAR EVER!!! I lost my mom Jan 21, 2013, to cancer. I lost my husband 4 months later on May 30, 2013. And then I lost my job on August 23, 2013 …

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?! What am I doing wrong?!?


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