FBF #3 – Our First Date

Flashback Friday #3

Our First Date


Look at how cute he was!!

Sean actually called me the next day, just like he said he would! I was SO impressed! And never, in a million years, did I actually believe I would ever hear from him again, let alone the next day when he said he would call!!

When he called, he told me that he had forgotten about prior plans he made with a friend of his, but I was welcome to come. I told him that I would meet him, and that I was going to bring a friend with me.

As soon as I got off the phone with him, I begged my friends to come with me. I finally convinced A to come with me, and I took the next 3 hours to get ready. A and I met Sean and his friends at Original Pete’s. It was kind of awkward, going with a bunch of guys we didn’t know, but after dinner, A and I were talking outside with Sean and his friend M, and somehow we decided that we were going to Reno!

And to Reno we went! M, A, Sean and I. And we had an amazing time. A and I weren’t even 21 yet! We drank a little, and came home the next morning.

One thing I remember vividly, was how much I laughed! We had a great time! And I got to do donughts for the FIRST time! I was scared as hell and screaming, but I have to admit that I had fun!


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