Halloween was tough, and so was OTD walk

Wow. I can’t believe it’s been so long since I have posted! It has been a VERY busy, emotional and trying past couple of weeks, to say the least! Halloween was very difficult. Sean always loved carving detailed and intriquite pumpkins. 2006 started our tradition, Dylan was just a baby, and Alli was 2.


Alli and Dylan - Halloween 2006


Ghost Pumpkin, 2006


Bat Pumpkin, Halloween 2006


A tradition is born

This year, I didn’t even Color faces on our pumpkins with Sharpies … it got too late to quick, and we didn’t have time. When I told the kids that we weren’t going to be carving pumpkins like daddy’s, Dylan immediately told me that he and Alli could carve them like he did, so I told them that next year, if they really wanted to try, they could.



Sean's final masterpiece

After Halloween was over, We had just 1 day to finish getting ready for our Out of the Darkness walk. I had to get shirts for everyone: P, B, M, R, J and the kids and I. At M’s house, I finished putting angel wings, Sean’s name and his angel date on 4 shirts, before I went home. And instead of finishing shirts, or preparing my materials to setup a table for Origami Owl, OR SETTING MY ALARM … I fell asleep, and did not wake up until Alli woke me … at 8:15am, and the kids and I were supposed to drop the EZ up, the podium and water cooler off, at the walk at 8am!!


So, it started off a crazy day! After we dropped those few things off at the walk, the kids and I had to haul ass over to Kmart, where the kids were selected to be a part of ‘Project School Bell’, which is a program that helps children with school clothes. It is a wonderful program, and I am truly grateful to have the kids be selected … I just wish it hadn’t fallen on the same day as the walk! I was a MESS!! I broke down in the middle of Kmart and just started crying!

At 9:45am, I started to panic because the walk was supposed to start at 10am!! Luckily, B and her kids were able to check out my kids’ clothes, and she just brought their things to the walk afterwards. The kids and I pulled up, right as the walk was starting, and I hadn’t set up a table for my Origami Owl or anything yet!! So, Dylan and I stayed back, and Alli went with M, J and R on a 3 mile walk to help support the fight against suicide!!


Dylan and I at Out of the Darkness, Auburn CA

At the end of the day, it was a beautiful day, and although I did not actually walk myself, I know he was there every step of the way!


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