Christmas 2013

Crushing Their Christmas Spirit

Christmas 2012

2012, Sean’s final Christmas

It’s hard to believe how much has changed in just one years time … A year ago, Sean and I were scrambling to pull Christmas together at the very last minute, as usual.

Christmas 2013

2013 – Our 1st Christmas without Sean

And this year, I am doing everything I can, to avoid anthing that has to do with Christmas. 

The last few years, I haven’t had the Christmas spirit like I used to, but now that both my mom and Sean are gone, the desire to enjoy the holidays is gone completely … Sometimes I even get angry at people who are enjoying the season … because they get to spend it with the people who love them love unconditionally, and with whom they love unconditionally … Husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and kids … And I spent Christmas with my mom and my husband last year, for the last time, so the only people I share uconditional love with, are my kids … They truly are my reason for living  and the ONLY reason I haven’t ignored the holidays completely. For them … I have to keep myself from crushing their christmas spirit. 


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