There is nothing to celebrate

My son has really been having a difficult time over the last week or so. I wish there was something I could do or say to help him … but there isn’t. All I can do is let him cry and feel his feelings. He needs to feel them, if he is ever going to work through them. With all of the holiday’s, Christmas and Sean’s birthday coming up on Christmas Eve, it is becoming a little overwhelming for a 7 year old little boy who idolized his father.

Missing daddy

Dylan loved Sean more than anything

Sean and Dylan were EXTREMELY close. And honestly, I don’t know that he will ever really be ready to say good bye.

best friends

They were best friends

I hope that in years to come, he will want to celebrate the holidays.The other night, I held him while he cried himself to sleep.  It was awful, absolutely broke my heart, and the following day, he said to me,

“I don’t want to have Christmas because there is nothing to celebrate! I don’t want Christmas without daddy becasue it’s just not the same!!”

What am I supposed to say to that?! He’s right! It’s NOT the same. And I basically told him that he was right, and that we still have to live our lives, just like we are, because Daddy would never want to ruin Christmas for us. He would want us to remember his, carry him with us in our hearts, and move  forward in life. So, now it’s our job to make him proud. 

I know that what I told him is true, but it’s so hard to remember when I’m missing him SO much …

there is nothing to celebrate

November 2012



  1. Wow, Tavia, I just now caught this post. I think you have a wonderful little family and after talking to you, I just know you’ll all be okay,,,you seem to have a very solid grounding, which is really key to guiding your kids through this very critical period in their growth. Stay strong…and lean on your friends and family if you need to. Give a shout out to the rest of us, too. I’ll be out here. I hope if I am needed I can be helpful.
    Peace and hugs, CJ

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