Our Home

Making This House Our Home

The kids and I, currently, live next door to my dad. He lives in the main house, and we live in the guest house.
Make this house our home

I am SO greatful that I am able to stay here!

Our Home

Our Home

Who, in their right mind, wouldn’t love this place?! It’s absolutely gorgeous!

make this house our home

make this house our home

We have goats too!

Anyhow, I decided a while back, that we have been here long enough, and since we are not planning on moving anytime soon, it’s time for us to make this house our home! It’s very difficult to put things away if everything doesn’t have a place to go! Plus, it makes finding those things, all that much more difficult later!!

But it’s going to take a lot of work!!

We haven’t even lived here for a year. I moved in about six weeks before Sean’s death.

Not because I wanted to …

It was in an effort to make him feel more comfortable about his suspicisions, because he thought that I was having an affair with a drug king pin, and we wanted to have him killed (I will go into more detail about Sean’s paranoia and delusions at a later time). Needless to say, I never really got good and settled in, before Sean’s death, and since then, life has been pretty up and down. We are unpacked and moved in, but it doesn’t quite have that “home” feeling, which I think will do nothing but benefit, not only our relationships with one another, but with our own sense of security as well!

Not very long ago, I was failing miserably, I didn’t even have the ability to stay on top of the kids about picking up after themselves or even myself. Now, however, I can. I am and I will continue to do so.

I have a few projects and ideas, about what will really help make this place more useable and feel more like home.

  • THROW AWAY non-necessities!
  • Organize, organize organize
  • Rearange the living space and bedrooms
  • Decorate and redecorate

I keep trying to explain to the kids, that if they just picked up after themselves, they would never have to clean again, but they just don’t listen to me! So, I am going to show them, and lead by example!! 

I am NOT one to make new year’s resolutions. I think that if you’re ready to make a change, then you will. Why wait until it’s a new year? But this is not a new year resolution. This is a lifestyle update!


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  1. I hear that! I too, am trying to make some lifestyle updates. That’s a much better term for it! Very good! That’s brilliant, Tavia. Best wishes to you and your little ones…CJ

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