Tattoo Update and upcoming projects!

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately! I’m in the middle of multiple projects at home! I’m rearranging, decorating and organizing my home and I’m also covering my couches and making a memory quilt with Seans clothes! I’ve been busy, busy, busy!! So stayed tuned for upcoming posts!!

Just live your life and remember me. Please don’t let those kids forget me. Tell them who I was before all the drugs and fighting. I love you, always have and always will.

These are the last few sentences from the final letter I received from Sean. Months ago I decided that my next tattoo would be the words 

in Sean’s handwriting.


What do u think?! I LOVE it! And I think he did an AMAZING job!



  1. Wow Tavia! Very cool. I hope you find peace. Seems like you’re a very busy girl, but maybe I can do an ‘informal’ interview with you for the next article I do regarding the things people are doing to honor the memory of their loved one? I write for a trade journal—Mortuary Management–having my own monthly feature pages. I am a respectful and understanding, sensitive person about my role in funeral service. The mag goes out to peers. I wouldn’t use your name or identifiers, of course, unless you requested so. It isn’t a project that is pressing or urgent…if you are amenable to my asking sometime up the road I certainly will make note of it and come back when I can do such a piece.
    Wishing you the best, CJ

      1. Here I am again! I was wondering when we could get that interview done? I thought maybe we could do an online chat but maybe I should just email it? Let me know, pretty please? Thanks Tavia!

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